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Kid Icarus - Angel Land Story by pocket-arsenal
Kid Icarus - Angel Land Story
The other night, I got pretty nostalgic for Kid Icarus... not like 80's nostalgic or anything, I actually didn't get to play KI until I bought a Wii. Kid Icarus and Super CastleVania IV were my first Virtual Console games. VC was my favorite thing about the Wii, it definitely made the system worthwhile because I got to play a lot of games for the first time through it. And Kid Icarus was new to me. I beat it multiple times. Loved the challenge. Loved how strong I felt after finally earning some power-ups. I think KI might actually be my favorite NES game... maybe. ( Zelda 1 and Mario 3 are pretty strong contenders )

I got the urge to draw Pit, from Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters after that nostalgia trip. Got as far as the line art then took a break to actually play 3D Classics: Kid Icarus ( my preorder gift for uprising ), and even watch some Captain N. Then I remembered a very old drawing I did in 2008. Here it is: 
Kid Icarus
I thought, hey, why not remake it? And here we are now. Six years difference. I wish I could say im impressed with how far I've come, but it's really not that impressive.

Pit is rightfully his classic self, as I've come to prefer that look lately, and also because I drew pit first without intending to remake the old picture. Palutena is a mix of Angel Land Story and Myths and Monsters. Eggplant Wizard is no longer based on Captain N, though I kept his leaf hair because it looks way better imo.

I enjoyed Uprising. But I'll be honest and say it was not the sequel I was hoping for. I can accept that the old KI art style is going to stay dead forever, but I hope someday we can get another KI game that plays a bit more like the classic side/vertical scrolling, shooter, dungeon crawler action game that the original game was.   
Happy Halloween 2014 by pocket-arsenal
Happy Halloween 2014
I hadn't drawn any Halloween themed stuff all month, so I asked for ideas on my tumblr, and a friend had said Shino helping Mute decorate his cave for Halloween visitors... So I made this in a night.  Eko is also there, as she lives very close by the cave.

I feel bad that I only included those three, but whatever. Maybe I can squeeze out another drawing tonight.. or not. There is always Christmas I guess.

Mute is actually super friendly to strangers on Halloween because his scare tactics usually just get applause instead of screams.
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So hey, it's been a while... I kinda lost interest in the whole Digimon and Androgochi thing because I got a real pet now ( a leopard gecko ), and it's more rewarding than some data on my phone. Anyway, more to the point...

I'm going to try and pick up a debit card in a few days... if I do that, I'm going to set up a paypal and... well, I am thinking about doing commissions for the first time.

I'm pretty worried that nobody would be interested. I'm not exactly what anyone would describe as a 5 star artist. Obviously I'd have to keep my prices on the lower side...

I'm just not entirely sure how to go about doing this. Everyone that I've seen doing commissions seems really organized about it, and I am.. well ... very much not organized.

I'm wondering if anyone is interested in that, or if anyone has any kind of advice?


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Ever since Deviant Art added the drag and collect feature, Comments have become much more rare. A real shame. Back in my day, comments were fuel for me to keep drawing. Now I get a ton of faves and I'll be lucky to get more than three comments a pic.

So what im saying is, if you're gonna fave one of my drawings, please, please please gimmie a comment, even if it's super generic.

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